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Hansa Sailing is delighted to announce that Paul Speight  has been appointed as the Hansa Distributor for USA.

Please contact him for any request :


The range of Hansa sailcraft were originally designed to appeal to that huge majority of the world's population who would love to have a go at sailing, but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so. The end result is a series of stable and easy to sail craft that offer beginners and experienced sailors lots of fun for recreation or competition sport.

Hansa design features allow total novices of any ability to sail with little or no tuition, almost regardless of the conditions.  More experienced sailors enjoy the lively response and fun of close one-design class racing.  Together, the series of Hansa sailcraft provides a development pathway of stepping stones from novice to high performance sailing.

It is no wonder that Hansa Sailing’s products are growing in popularity in 30 countries!






























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