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The Hippocampe is a multi-activities wheelchair renown around the world. Its initial goal is to make the beach and water-related activities accessible. Today it equips more then 200 beaches in France and abroad

The Hippocampe is a leisure wheelchair that goes with you year-round for your open-air  activities.

The Hippocampe covers beaches, hiking trails, snowbound paths, and is ideal for getting over numerous obstacles. It is just at ease on the beach as on the snow. It allows users to enter water and floats on its own while its owner swims

With its double rear wheels you can self propell. Another person may use the push bar to push you.

It disassembles quickly, so it is easily transported, you can take it everywhere with you (car, plane, boat...)

Fashionable and recreational, the Hippocampe has a great design. It fits in perfectly with the leisure and vacation universe.

The Hippocampe offers its user autonomy over difficult terrain, or with its push bar a third party can assist the more heavily handicapped.

The seat, the armrests, the headrest are composed of a thick and hydrophobic foam that does not absorb water and dries quickly. The blue and pink sheathed tubes are comfortable to the touch and do not heat up in the sun. 

Its small size, fold-down backrest, removable push-bar and wheels (in less than a minute) and weight - 17 kg (37.5 lbs.) - make it easily transportable and convenient to store in your home or at an aid station.

Its youthful look and modern silhouette make it your ideal companion. The Hippocampe wheelchair has received numerous awards.

The Hippocampe is high-performance and has been fulfilling the expectations of an often overlooked audience for more than 10 years


Have a look on these videos


Beach Wheelchair HIPPOCAMPE in action All-terrain Wheelchair HIPPOCAMPE in action





It fits on a clip under the front wheel and enables the user to slide over the snow.

download the datasheet 


is interchangeable with the rear wheels and allows to use the Hippocampe wheelchair as a sliding wheelchair on the snow.




They enable you to position you arms confortably and can also serve as mudgaurds

download the datasheet 



Covered in water-repellent foam and can be adjusted to several positions according the size and position of the user

download the datasheet 



Thanks to this little carrier bag, which can be fitted on to all our wheelchairs, you can take all your leisure equipment or personal items with you wherever you go.

 download the datasheet 



Ideal to store and protect the good.

Very practical for travels (no additional charges by airlines) 

 download the datasheet 



This new pair of wheels makes travelling across sand easier than ever before, even across very fine sand. (Assistance required).

They are interchangeable with the all- terrain wheels of the standard Hippocampe
Download the product datasheet


Used to lock the wheels during the transfer.
Download the product datasheet



Helps the user find and maintain a comfortable position

Download the product datasheet


 If you would like more information about the buying process or are ready to make your purchase please contact