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Mountain Trike




This All-terrain manual wheelchair by Mountain Trike enables accessibility for everyone.

The Mountain Trike is an all-terrain manual wheelchair which has been designed using a masterful blend of unique innovation and drive system with high specification mountain bike technology.  It provides wheelchair users with far greater freedom and independence than ever before to travel off the beaten track and has been designed to tackle woodland, mountain bike tracks, beaches, nature trails and hills.  No other manual wheelchair on the market provides comparable high level of manoeuvrability and uneven surface performance, practicality and comfort.

As the trike name implies this wheelchair has three wheels : the back wheel is where the steering takes places which provides excellent control at high and low speeds and the rider can opt for left or right hand steering.  The revolutionary lever-drive system allows the rider to propel the chair without touching the wheels so despite mud or wet ground the unique drive and steering system means hands stay clean and dry.

Spokes‘n Motion is the supplier of the Mountain Trike in the USA. For advice on the customisations available and further information on this unique wheelchair ideal for those with an adventurous streak please contact the Spokes ‘n Motion team on or

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Introducing the Mountain Trike an main features


Is it for you ? (English) Is it for you ? (Spanish)




Whether its just a trip to the shops, a ride in the woods or a beach holiday with the family, the Trike is so versatile and easy to manoeuvre it will enhance you and your family's life experience.



Looking for adventure? If you want to go just that bit further Mountain Trike can take you there. Using proven Mountain Bike technology, the Trike can tackle any terrain from snow and ice to deep mud and sand- even Mount Snowdon and Ben Nevis!


Health and Fitness

The Mountain Trike fits perfectly with an active, healthy lifestyle. The unique lever drive takes the strain off joints and provides a great upper body workout in comfort. Plus its so much fun to ride you’ll be clocking up the miles in no time!


The Outdoor Wheelchair

The Mountain Trike is THE all terrain wheelchair which is now well proven as the leading product in this aria. It's versatility and off road performance is unrivalled, giving riders an amazing feeling of freedom an independence.


Riding a Mountain Trike is an excellent form of exercice, working all the muscles in your upper body rather than just your shoulders.


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So you have decided that the Mountain Trike is just the thing for getting you out and about outdoors. Fantastic ! You're about to become part of a fast growing community of Trike lovers !

If you would like more information about the buying process or are ready to make your purchase please contact

PRICE : $7695.00 US includes direct delivery from UK
USA customs/handling charges will apply
Price subject to change without prior notice
3 year warranty

Product descrption
A complete Mountain Trike as shown in the photos on this website featuring :

  • - Lever Drive
  • - Direct Steering
  • - Air suspension
  • - Hydraulic disc brakes
  • - Your choice of frame colour
  • - A pump for keeping your shock absorbers nice and bouncy (you will need your own bike pump for the wheels)
  • - An owner’s manual on how to ride safely and how to look after your Trike
  • - 3 year warranty
  • - Delivery to any location
  • - The Mountain Trike and its accessories are zero rated for VAT when purchased by a wheelchair user or charity so no VAT is added to the $7695 price.


Your Mountain Trike Preferences

  • - Steering – left of right hand steering (usually the same as your writing hand for good co-ordination)
  • - Brakes – dual brakes (one brake lever that operates both brakes at the same time, available on either the left or right side) or independent brakes (one for each wheel, better suited for advance riders)
  • - Colour – for your choice of colour frame please see our colour chart here or to see some of the colours our customers have chosen click here: Different Colours (We have a huge range of colours included in the price, but any unusual colour requests might be a little bit extra)
  • - We do also provide other special adaptations if required, e.g. higher seat backs for additional support or modified footplate adjustment. Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • - If you decide to change brake setup at a later date this can be carried out easily by any bike shop or by contacting us.


 A full payment is required when you place your order. You will then receive confirmation with your unique Trike number. We have an 8-10 week build time and aim to send phot updates as you Trike is built.

When your Trike is finished we'll send you a photo of it and you can settle the final balance. We'll then dispatch the Trike to the confirmed delivery address.

Ready to place your order ? Please contact


MT Adventure Rack


599.00 US

 MT Sports Rack


475.00 US

 MT Sports Rack

Removable pusch handle

699.00 US

 MT Sports Rack


475.00 US


Spokes'n Motion and Mountain Trike are excited to announce that will be creating the opportunity for persons who want to experience the Mountain Trike at different locations throughout the USA.

These centers will offer you the opportunity to try the Trike supervised by a fully accredited Demonstrator who can talk you through the features and operation while you ride.
You will be able to enjoy the full experience of the outdoors while learning to use the Trike. Try and then you can arrange a purchase through Spokes'n Motion.

These centers will also be able to offer full service and maintenance help for those you have a Trike and require assistance.

Over the next months we will be announcing the opening of these centers and will advise these details. Please keep checking our website to see where these will be.

We are always happy to hear from an organization that wants to be involved with this operation, so if you are interested in becoming a EC please get in contact by emailing

VIDEOS click here

Customers section

Welcome to the customers section. Our costumers talking about their mountain trike Have a look of our first video