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NJ1 Compact - PRO ACTIV





The all-rounder for ambitious leisure cyclists. Its modular design, aerodynamic characteristics and outstanding workmanship guarantee 100 % riding pleasure. The NJ1 compact bike consists of a drive unit and a stable girder chassis, which can be taken apart for transportation within seconds.

Top-quality gear and brake components from the bicycle industry ensure precise changing of the gears and braking. The handbike equipment is variable, from touring bike to sports bike. With its adjusted steering geometry, long wheelbase and even weight distribution the NJ1 compact bike has excellent handling characteristics. The back angle can be adjusted without any tools. That way it can also be quickly adjusted to your needs when you are on the road.

The compact bike also lives up to its name with regard to its pack size of 104 cm x 43 cm x 39 cm, which is unique among recumbent bikes. If required, the drive unit of the NJ1 compact bike can also be used as an adaptive bike. This allows for temporary changes between adaptive and compact bike and ensures maximum mobility and flexibility.




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