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Watersports H20S

watersports H20S



  • The first watersports platform with suspension!
  • Multi-purpose platform can be utilized in many disciplines
  • Perfect for waterskiing, waterski jumping, wakeboarding, and wake-surfing
  • 4.75 inches of travel
  • Completely tunable and adjustable air shock
  • Remote shock adjustment allow for on-the-fly ride control and performance
  • Seat height and angle completely adjustable.
  • Optional adjustable angle footrest moves with the seat throughout the entire suspension travel
  • Dynamic Flex System (DFS) allows ski/board to flex freely as they were designed to -Unmatched forward and aft adjustment (center of mass) to accommodate every user.
  • Titanium lower frame
  • CNC Billet aluminum seat frame
  • Co-poly Bucket seat for the best fit (Sm, Med, Lg)

Introducing the HOC3 H2O – S the first waterski/wakeboard platform with completely tune-able suspension! When asked to develop a waterski platform with suspension how could we refuse? Utilizing the latest CAD software, machining technology, and advanced materials fabrication we were able to adapt the best suspension technology into a platform built to perform at the highest levels. Whether you want to ski leisurely or take your slalom, freestyle, or distance jumping to the next level the H2O – S can do it all with ease. The remote, adjust on-the-fly, shock allows the rider to switch dampener settings, to accommodate different riding styles, with the easy of simply moving a lever while skiing. 

Designing HOC3's Dynamic Flex System (DFS) into the platform was a must. Until now the sport has suffered from inadequate mounting solutions which restrict a board or skis flex and increases stiffness. This reduces performance and increases the likelihood of breaking the board or ski. The DFS system allows the board or ski to perform at its highest level by allowing flex and reducing stress. 

In order to take advantage of these features the skier has to be able to adjust the platform to their body size and riding style. The H2O – S's platform was designed to be adjustable for ride height,seat angle, and has an unmatched ability to fine tune your center of mass in the smallest increments. The H2O – S Take your waterskiing to the next level!

watersports H20S watersports H20S
watersports H20S watersports H20S


If you would like more information about the buying process or are ready to make your purchase please contact