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speedbike comp's - alois praschberger

speedbike comp's - alois praschberger






The Speedbike Comp-S for even more lightweight riding enjoyment.

Technic :

- SHIMANO XT 27 gear shift

- Traction wheel Mavic 26″ Rear wheels 26″

- V-brake Hydraulic disc brake as standard

- New ergonomically shaped backrest, depht, adjustable and tilt-adjustable

- Crank width adjustable Seat width up to 42 cm

- Rubber steering damper Approx. 16 kg (depending on model)

- 2 different front frames (for standard sitting position - on and for reclining position)

Extras :

- Heavy-duty axle

- BionX electrical support

- Chain protector in frame colour



Mavic 26\" front wheel

Rubber steering damper

New adjustable crank

Continuously adjustable backrest


Standard axle clamp




If you would like more information about the buying process or are ready to make your purchase please contact