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Paul Speight
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Our History

Born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1954, Paul Speight has always had a big passion in his life, sports. Including sailing, tennis, and in the All Black country of New Zealand, rugby!
A paraplegic due to a car accident when he was 21 years old, he decided to learn sit-ski and later became one of the first sit-ski monitors in 1980. He even became the captain of the New Zealand Disabled Ski Team during the Innsbruck Paralympic Games in 1988.
At the end of 1988, he started Spokes'n Motion in Denver, Colorado (USA). With collaboration of Enabling Technologies, he participated in the conception of the Bi-Unique and Outriggers Superlite which is now a revolution in the sit ski domain.
Since its conception, Spokes'n Motion has become the leading distributor of adaptive Alpine and Nordic skiing equipment in the USA.
Following the American success of the Spokes' n Motion company, a European subsidiary was opened in 2003 in Toulouse (France). This French office allowed Spokes'n Motion to grow its product line to offer a wide range of sport and recreational equipment for those who are disabled.
Spokes'n Motion offers a full range of sport and recreational equipment for all seasons! We invite you to visit our products sections to discover our wide range of equipment. Our passion is bringing adaptive sports equipment to those who are disabled so that they, too, can enjoy the great outdoors.