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About Hansa Sailing

Recreational and racing fun for everyone

At Hansa Sailing, we are dedicated to promoting and providing information about accessible sailing experiences for individuals with disabilities. We showcase our offerings and services, focusing on creating inclusive opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy the sport of sailing.

The line of Hansa sailcraft was initially created with the aim of attracting a vast majority of individuals worldwide who desire to experience sailing but find it daunting or unappealing. As a result, they have developed a collection of stable and user-friendly sailcraft that offer both beginners and seasoned sailors a great deal of enjoyment, whether for leisure or competitive purposes. The innovative design features of Hansa sailcraft enable individuals with little or no prior experience to navigate the waters with ease, irrespective of the prevailing conditions. Experienced sailors appreciate the dynamic response and excitement that comes with participating in close one-design class races.

By offering a range of sailcraft, Hansa provides a progressive path for skill development, guiding novices towards high-performance sailing. It comes as no surprise that the popularity of Hansa Sailing’s products continues to grow across 30 countries.

Hansa 2.3

The original accessible sailboat and still the most popular of the Hansa classes has proven that sailing really is for everyone
Available in the following three models:

Hansa 303

The 303 is fun, safe, stable, and easy to sail for one or two people.
Available in the following two models:


The 3.6M Liberty with its high freeboard design, high stability ballasted centreboard and unique reefing system, provides safe and stable performance sailing that can be enjoyed in a wide range of wind and sea conditions,

Sailing for Everyone

Hansa Sailing Systems is a designer and manufacturer of small lightweight keelboats based in Australia but with a network of builders and distributors around the world. The focus of the company is to make the sport and recreation of sailing colourful, appealing, accessible and affordable for a broader range of people. Our aim is… Sailing For Everyone!
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Hansa Sailing FAQs

Hansa Sailing Systems aims to combine simplicity in design with value for money, while also focusing on efficient manufacturing procedures, minimal waste, a positive work environment, and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Over 2800 Hansa sailboats are being used in 35 countries around the world.

Currently, Hansa boats are used to introduce more than 200,000 people to sailing each year.

Hansa Sailing supports the Sailing for Everyone Foundation initiatives, introducing new communities to sailing and fostering the development of an “inclusive sailing” network.

The principal and designer of Hansa Sailing Systems is Chris Mitchell, who has a background in innovative marine design and has been involved in various sailing-related projects throughout his career.

Hansa Sailing Systems works closely with the Japan Universal Socio Engineering Research Institute (Japan USER) to promote the concept of “sailing for everyone.” They aim to address the exclusionary issues in design and ensure that access to sailing does not disadvantage any individual.

Universal design is important to Hansa Sailing Systems because it acknowledges the need to cater to a diverse population. With the rapid aging of the world’s population, they aim to address the issues that exclude a large percentage of individuals who do not fit traditional design parameters.