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At Spokes ‘N Motion, community lies at the heart of everything we do. We believe in fostering a strong and inclusive community that is passionate about adaptive sports and activities. Through our programs and initiatives, we bring people together, creating a supportive network where individuals with disabilities can connect, share experiences, and inspire one another.

Our community is built on the foundation of collaboration and empowerment. We strive to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and included. Whether you’re a participant, volunteer, or supporter, you become an integral part of our community, working together to break down barriers and challenge preconceived limitations.

Through community events, group rides, and social gatherings, we encourage camaraderie and friendship among our members. We celebrate achievements, offer support during challenges, and provide a space where individuals can build lasting connections. Together, we embrace the power of community to uplift, inspire, and transform lives. Join us at Spokes ‘N Motion and become part of our vibrant and supportive community.


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Client Testimonials

I was very positively surprised by the Joëlette Kid! It is comfortable for the child, super easy to handle, relatively stable on the stand. With a single pilot, it goes very well in relatively rough places. Because of its lightness and its flexibility it runs very easily with (up until this point I was very skeptical).

Erwan L.

Our Lili has tested your Sofao, she is very happy with it and so are we because we find that it is very well studied. Lili can safely go into the pool, we are reassured and do not regret this purchase.

Isabelle R.

So far, I have had several experiences with the Joëlette and they have always been wonderful. All of them allowed me to once again appreciate the taste and smell of the mountains and the wood. Above all, they gave me the opportunity to meet many remarkable people. Knowing that I can discover all this by alternating a bit of walking and using the Joëlette and its fantastic team fills me with joy. The experience in Bolzano was really superb and made me feel less disabled...on the contrary, I felt rather active thanks to Joëlette. I hope that we will manage to make more and more people aware and make them understand that the path is always possible and the we must never give up.

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